Thimble Pads are fantastic for those who don’t like to work with thimbles. These are very comfortable to wear - you will forget you’ve got them on! They are just like a thimble, but feel like a dream to wear.  

Reusable self adhesive leather pad sticks to your fingertip and is tough enough to handle the heaviest stitching projects. Its lightweight construction gives you more needle control, so even the finest and most delicate stitching is a pleasure. 


A snug fitting thimble pad that will stay securely on your finger!


Pro tips - Stick them to surfaces near where you will need them again; quilting frame, embriodery hoop, or lamp *my preference!* and for any heavy duty stitching - layer them up! two of these together works a treat.



12 Reusable Leather Thimble Pads

Adhesive/Self stick

12 pack

Thimble Pad by Colonial