A handy tool for the quilting and appliqué toolbox! Hera markers are used for marking and creasing fabric by creating non permanent marks in your fabrics. They are perfect for applique and reverse applique projects. Made of a sturdy, rigid plastic and are not sharp enough to actually cut through fabric or leave permanent impressions and replace pencils and other markers that often won’t come out or remove! 


The size and shape of the hera marker makes it easy to handle and use, think of it as a butter knife without the serrated edges! Simply use your ruler and apply the marker with a little pressure to the surface of the fabric to leave a visible line/mark. 


Pro tip - you can use this tool to finger press seams and crease seam allowances. 

The hera marker does leave crisp clear lines but they best added as you go when quilting as the lines can fade a little if left for a period of time.  

Hera Marker