Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Dept of Quilting – a trove of tips for beginner quilters

My intention with the resources you’ll find here is to give you insight into what I am aptly naming the Department of Quilting, aka Dept of Quilting, D.O.Q. Cool, huh? I thought it meshed well with my quirky modern vibes!

When I had that lightbulb moment that I could make my own quilt, I quickly found myself where we have all been – a beginner quilter. When I started quilting (or when I want to know anything, really) I researched the heck out of it. That’s what I do, I am the queen of research for any topic of interest!

And what did I find? Oh boy! An overwhelming amount of information that I tried so hard to absorb.

My instant impression was just how freakin’ awesome the quilt community is at sharing information, and at doing anything quilt-related really! I mean, literally, step-by-step. How awesome is that?

I tried out all those methods, tips and tricks and in the process, I found that I have my own twist on quilting. I’ve done all the blog hopping for you and am housing all of that quilt knowledge here in one place to make it easier for other quilters.

Now I want to share all of that with you.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…

Why the heck are you sharing this information again when it’s already out there in quilty-cyberspace land?

Yep, I hear you!

But, hear me out.

Now, I consider myself the queen of research. If there is something I want to know, or I have an interest in a topic or subject or god forbid a shiny new quilt notion, I have to know every which way there is and everything about said shiny object! I spend so much time researching, so why not save you the time and just share it here in short snippets?

I have tossed with the idea of sharing quilt basics and beginner quilting information but it kept coming back to me. I value sharing information with our community and it’s important to give back in some way; my own way. With my own words. And a few things I’ve learned along the way thrown in for good measure.

Full disclosure – it doesn’t mean my ways are right *or wrong*. They are just ways that work for me and I want to share them in hope they can work for you too.

My purpose is to create short, to the point, informative quilt blog posts for you to utilise in your own work.

Yes, I mentioned shiny quilt notions but don’t get me wrong. I don’t want you to rush out and buy all the things. I am a big advocate for sustainability and NOT needing all the gadgets.

I’ve tried and tested many of them to find the must-have quality tools and now I have my favourites that you can find in the shop. Less is more and so it can be in the world of quilting too. I share my essential quilting must haves here.

H2 I simplify quilting techniques for you

I scour the quilt universe because I want all the opinions or way of doing the thing. So after I’ve researched the beegeez out of it, I then take all that creative info and mesh it together and put it into practice in my little quilt studio. The result is generally that I find the best way for me to recreate that quilt technique. Sounds technical, huh?

But it’s simple really, I’m just making *the thing* a simple and easy to understand quilt technique. (What, too many simples?)

As a beginner quilter I want you to be excited by the process! Not overwhelmed, daunted and certainly not discouraged.

Enter a place (duh, here!) where you can find all the basic information you need as a beginner quilter to get you started making a quilt, or improving your quilt techniques if you’re already as hooked as I am!

Please feel free to reach out to me if there is something in particular you are looking for or need to know. I am more than happy to help.


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