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Meet the maker, Flip

Hey, quilt queen!


I’m so happy to meet you and get quilty with you. I’m a country girl from Condobolin. With a farm and three dirt-loving boys to take care of with my husband, I’m so grateful to have found my creative outlet in quilting. It’s one of the best things in life, right?


Oh, and horse riding, coffee, 90s music, and maybe a drop of Shiraz. 


Quilting is one of my absolute favourite things to do, especially in the early morning before my wildlings wake up and the day’s chaos begins. That’s my magic hour, all for myself. 

I love the art of quilting as much as the connection, warmth and memory each quilt represents. Texture is a huge thing for me and I adore selecting fabrics for their look and feel. Quilts are lasting, tactile things in a world that has become so disposable. 

Can you tell I’m fanatical about quilting? 


... and her co


So, that’s me, Flip. You’re the Co part. 

You’re an incredible community of creators and stitchers, devoted to the art of quilting.


Maybe you’re not a quilter (yet!) but you just love the sentiment and heart of quilting and you’re here to find the perfect piece to complete your home.


You can find all my current quilts with my signature quirk here, or if you’re dreaming about a custom quilt, drop me a line here

Flip and Co is my way of sharing my quilts, ideas, tutorials, resources and techniques with the quilting community.


I’m thrilled to share what I know with you – and to learn from you too. Because the thing about quilt making is that there’s always something new to learn from each other. 

That’s why I co-host modern quilting workshops here in Condo, to give us an opportunity to come together, stitch and swap stories, and learn from some brilliant quilters. I also help run a Social Stitching Group. 

My story

Chukka chukka, zzzzzzzz. Chukka chukka, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


A sewing machine was the soundtrack of my childhood. My mum is an exceptional dressmaker and seamstress, and she’s my biggest influence. Both my grandmothers were handmaidens too, who sewed, created and mended.

It’s funny, but I wasn’t interested in sewing as a child; instead I would draw fashion and architecture designs. Years later, I had a light bulb moment and realised I could combine my love for design with my affinity for sewing and become a quilter.



Needlework is the patchwork of my life. I remember taking my quilt when I left the family home for boarding school. It gave me inimitable comfort: a visual, tactile, heart connection to my home. 

That’s what quilting is all about. Feelings. The embrace of a handmade quilt around you, tucked over a loved one or neatly folded with your linen ready for adventures or a lazy movie night at home.


It’s the feelings and memories we associate with quilts that make them special. 

Handmade quilts designed for modern Australian living

Hey, I'm Flip!.png

My quilts are made for living. Use yours as a play cape, as a blanket fort, for an impromptu garden picnic, or throw it over the couch for a relaxed country vibe.  

Handmade in my farmhouse studio, my quilts have my signature style – bright and brave colours, inspired by nature. Think geometric prints, a splash of florals, solid slabs of colour and always an element of quirk. I work with each of these contrasting elements and pull them together in a way that each one shines. 

I use the best fabrics available and choose sustainable brands whenever possible. You’ll find the snuggliest feels in my quilts including organic cotton from Victoria and organic wool from Queensland.


I love to support local, eco-focused businesses whose values match my own. And because my quilts are made to withstand endless use and lifetimes of love, I choose materials I know will go the distance.